Recipe for soreness

1 part Diamond Thigh facing the bar (wow, I can get my shoulders parallel to the bar, is this real life?)

2 parts Diagonal Seat w/ turnout (have I gotten so used to gluteus medius work in Arabesque and Pretzel that this is actually too much for my actual butt?)

1 part Arm Dancing aka my new favorite thing

2 parts Clam


Perfect combo at Bar Method yesterday. 

Bar achievement

I got complimented on my arabesque today. It felt sooo good.

Arabesque is definitely my favorite because I know what I’m supposed to feel (intense burn on my outer thigh and obliques) and what I’m not supposed to feel (strain in my lower back and shoulders). Combine that with focusing on keeping my chin up and elbows down, I feel invincible.

Seriously, the music ended and I was like… More please?

New Bar Method Subreddit (/r/barmethod/)

I just created this because why not?

I discovered Bar Method through tumblr (shout out to Steph) and it has transformed my life. I fantasize about owning a studio, I refuse to travel to a place that doesn’t have a studio (WHY U NO EXIST IN VEGAS?), and I love hearing other people’s experiences. 

I would love to connect with other Bar Method devotees through Reddit.

Here’s what I anticipate, content-wise:

  • Weekly challenges - Set an attendance goal and report back! Push yourself to attend that scary Level 2 class!
  • Studio reviews - Tell us how it compares to your usual studio. What amenities do they offer? What were the instructors like?
  • Workout Routine - What else do you do beside Bar? How do you squeeze in more cardio?
  • AMA for Studio Owners & Teachers - Open Q&A where your questions get answered by the pros.
  • Healthy Meal Options - Share your favorite post-workout recipes.
  • "Bar Confessions" - Did you have a snafu at bar? It’s okay, we won’t judge.

This is an experiment. Hopefully Bar Method HQ is down with it and sees it as a huge marketing opportunity, provided that there are enough followers.

So please, check out my new subreddit:

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Not when there are buffets to eat in this world.

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So it got to −15 today in Chicago. Schools closed, a lot of businesses told their employees to work from home. Did Bar Method cancel classes though?  Hellz no…well, only the early morning classes then it was business as usual.  I thought for sure they would cancel the noon time classes but they didn’t but not only that, it was CROWDED (at least mine was).  

-45 wind chill?

Nothing will keep us from getting our thigh shake on.  

Bravo ladies.

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I feel the same way… about Bar Method. Walt : Cooking Meth :: Me : Taking Bar Method

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If you ever told me that I was 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring,


you would have 300 seconds to move all your shit out of my apartment.

Like you could ever land a spouse if you only knew how to make sandwiches. It’s all about stews, roasts, an not blogging about your personal life.